Southern California Watersheds

Property owners in southern California are becoming increasingly interested in ensuring the health and sustainability of their properties.

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Photo by San Diego County Water Authority


Having a free irrigation system evaluation performed on their property provides owners and managers with the knowledge they need to maximize their irrigation system’s efficiency and save water.

Residential properties and businesses can learn how to reduce impacts to water quality by taking simple actions that help keep their properties and the surrounding environment safe and pollution free.

Properties with ponds or reservoirs can benefit from learning about pond management techniques that keep the system functioning at full potential while providing beneficial uses.


Photo by Connor Kuhn

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Photo by Connor Kuhn


Equestrian property owners and managers are aware of the challenges associated with housing horses. Best Management Practices for horse properties can help equestrian property owners and managers minimize resource issues, such as erosion and muddy areas.

Understanding how to properly care for and maintain residential and commercial septic systems helps protect groundwater and surface water quality. In addition, proper septic system care and maintenance can potentially save property owners thousands of dollars by reducing the need to repair failed septic systems.

The proper tools and knowledge can help Southern California property owners manage their properties for long term success and sustainability!