Equestrian Properties

Equestrian - grazing

Photo by Connor Kuhn

Owners and managers of equestrian properties are aware of the multitude of challenges that come with managing horses and the associated heavy-use areas. Properly handing the manure produced on site and addressing problem areas, such as eroding slopes, promotes the health and safety of the horses and people on the property, all while protecting the surrounding environment.

horses grazing

Photo by Dace Kirspile, Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Equestrian Property Best Management Practices describes how to properly set up and manage horse properties in ways that maximize sustainability and promote healthy, thriving land.

manure composting system

Photo by Ashley Griffin, University of Kentucky, Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Horse Manure Management describes the appropriate ways to store and dispose of horse manure and takes a detailed look at how to correctly (and inexpensively) manage horse manure.

The District offers assistance to residential and equestrian properties in the San Luis Rey Watershed. For more information on how conservation plans can help equestrian property owners with resource concerns, please visit Conservation Plans.